Monday, May 04, 2009

Anyone reading this work for ASK?

Allen Stern from Center Networks posted an article about ASK search engine

My response is below but if anyone reading this works for ASK or has some data about the success rate of these search advertisements i'd really love to see it.

Basically i want to know what the 60, 120 and 180 second traffic spike rates for these 'trivia' search questions are.

Hi Allen,

I've been watching a lot of NASCAR lately because of the imminent launch of

It's been really interesting to see the recent ASK 'trivia' questions that the NASCAR commentators ask along with the banner overlay at the base of the screen.

I've been wondering if anyone has access to 60,120 and 180 second traffic reports following these adverts.

I could be totally wrong on this but for me personally i think they are really really effective.

I also tried typing in the questions into google in parallel..... the ASK answers were better but I suspect this is from direct manipulation in preparation for the particular question being asked so i'm surprised your TNA results were so poor.


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