Monday, May 04, 2009

Twitter Follow Windows Desktop Application

BTW I'm selling ‘development’ editions of a twitter follow windows exe app that i contracted someone to build for me last week.

$30 per license but only 9 are for sale.

It auto follows twitter users based on 4 key words, with 50/100/400 max user add control limit, and unlike actually automatically follows them without user intervention, so no need to manually click to follow once you’ve found them.

So if you search on the term "baseball" anyone that types the word baseball in a twitter post, your account will automatically follow them.

Great little windows xp application for people that are serious about adding large volumes of twitter followers fast.

Email me your twitter username and paypal address for further details.

Development edition means 9 license sales only at $30 a piece, no support etc, no refunds, payment via paypal take it or leave it – basically all 9 of us share in the costs of development at $30 a piece once they are gone thats it I'm not selling any more.


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