Monday, March 08, 2010

Banner ads on

The first few weeks for banner ads on are now in.

It's been pretty reasonable, still needs to scale a lot more, but as a baseline, the percentages are exactly where we thought they would be.

For the first 2 weeks of

Impr.     Clicks     CTR
10,912     37        0.34%

Basically across all the sites we seem to be averaging around half to three quarters of one percent in click through rates, which is good and about on target (i think i estimated the click through would be about 1% in the original business plans - especially as most of the ads are awareness ads and you wouldn't expect people to click away from a live chat as often as a website (think tv ads while watching a tv show, you'll notice them, and be aware of them, but might not go straight to the url that very minute).

Also as a comparison for last season we did

Impr.    Clicks    CTR
60,611   275     0.45%

So in the first 2 weeks of Nascar we did 1/10th of all ads for the baseball season, not bad.

Basically the primary concepts appear solid and now it's just a mater of scaling. We have held off turning on a "viral switch" function for a while as we wanted to make sure the software code was stable and ready for prime time.

It's the same reason why so far we've only spent $50 in facebook ads and $50 in google ads on test spends, we really want to make sure it's stable before we get slammed trying to fix problems - you only get once chance to make a first impression.

(we're still only at about V 0.4 of where we want to be by the end of this year so gives you an idea how much is still out in front).

We'll probably still hold out doing a lot of advertising/press work but with the IPL Cricket tournament/Formula 1/Aussie Rules/Rugby League web sites about to launch it's a good time at  :)


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