Sunday, March 21, 2010

Burton does Alice

Tim Burton is a genius.

I know i'm not the only person who will say it this week but i dare anyone who watches his mindtrip interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland" not to agree.

Mia Wasikowska as Alice is a relatively unknown Australian actress but she handles her scenes like a pro; there is just something about her that was just so perfect and honest.

Burton is so much more CS Lewis and insanely crazy than Disney ever could be, so it's much more adult orientated and the fashion is just so sexy and outrageous (alices short skirt outfit when she's in the queens parlour) - who knew both Alice and the White Witch could be so hot and Anne Hathaway was so "je ne sais quoi" i've almost forgiven her for "Rachaels Getting Married".

The 3d effects were so much better than avatar (eg used where suitable instead of obvious like avatar), almost like avatar was the training movie and they are actually getting skillful at it's use now (though i really wonder how many people know this is anti piracy rather than effects).

If you have kids you should see it, if you are on a date you should see it. I guarantee someone would have already seen this movie while tripping and had the best experience of all.


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