Monday, March 29, 2010

Facebook alerts x 3

Facebook changing "Fan" to "Like"
I wish they would just stick with something and stay with it.

And from
Facebook Threatens App Developer – TechDirt reported this week that Facebook was claiming trademark infringement over an app that cleans up the Facebook live feed by removing app notices. The script Greasemonkey was originally called Facebook Purity, changed to Fluff Busting Purity after Facebook complained, but apparently Facebook is still unsatisfied. This is even interesting, the report noted, because Greasemonkey is a user script that lives in a user’s browser, something Facebook has no control over.
Ha Ha - yeh I'm sure Facebook didn't like it...... but there isn't jack that they can do about it.
Did you think Beacon was dead now that Facebook paid the $9m fine? Nope they just waited 2 years to try again;
Pre-Approved Third-Party Websites and Applications. In order to provide you with useful social experiences off of Facebook, we occasionally need to provide General Information about you to pre-approved third party
Hmmm opening the door x 3 for a competitor if you ask me......

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