Saturday, March 27, 2010

Looking to sell

As some of you here know i started to help me auto follow people chatting on Twitter about Baseball teams for my work on

I've been selling this application for the last 8 months to people who had a similar use on Twitter and wanted to take full advantage of the API but i'm just so flat out on work that i dont really have time to market it properly apart from a few blog posts here and there when i first launched it.

As such I'm looking to sell to anyone who wants to make me an offer.

Basically looking to sell the source code, website, both domains/url, twitter username/password all rights to the name etc

So far there are about 400 users out there over the past 8 months I’ve been selling the code (as MyTwitterButler originally).

Original developer is available in case you want to add to the software/make any changes but basically it’s written in .net so anyone can modify the code using Visual Studio 2008.

Email me if you have any questions otherwise get in touch with an offer.


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