Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 Sky Media

Interesting article in TG Daily today.

As the battle wages on between the music industry and those who download tracks without paying, it’s clear record execs are having a hard time getting a handle on the situation. Enter 7 Sky Media.
The Danish company is taking a somewhat of a novel approach to "pirated" music by offering music bigwigs a way to monetize unauthorized copyrighted tracks.
"Our software is designed to play all digital files and locate the copyright holders regardless of where the file came from," Bo Schønemann of 7 Sky Media told
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No comment about how they are handling legal tracks? exactly how do they think they can tell a legal and illegal mp3?

And as a user of this app....does it mean the MPAA can no longer sue me as "i'm paying a license fee" for these tracks through the use of this application?

Where does this leave end users legally? Any thoughts?


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