Monday, April 18, 2011


We went to see Hanna last night

Had potential but in the end what a piece of junk, worth watching on cable but not worth going to the movies to see (even with the stunning scenery).

As for the "missed your heart" scene at the end wtf was that junk about? did the directors/editors get bored and just go lets do it this way and go and get pissed at the wrap party - though it could have been editing issues with the footage they had left?

Other plot holes you could drive a truck through about not only better ways to achieve to assassination but seriously, doesn't know how to use a light switch but then jumps onto a computer to research DNA - give me a freaking break.

BTW not sure what the relationship is but has to be some relationship with Run Lola Run so many visual relationship cues etc.

Would i watch it on tv again, maybe - am i pissed i paid to see it at the movies, yep. mainly because it could have been a much better movie and had potential for second or third sequel and some of the scenes/filming were just amazing.


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