Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gamification's not a toy - Gabe Zichermann

Gabe Zichermann's new book rocks.
Game-Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests

What i like is his book is full of real world suggestions that are easy to implement instead of esoteric ideas. You know how when you read some books you think ok...but how does this apply to me - not this book, by the end of every chapter you realise hmm thats interesting i could use this example here etc.

According to this Venture Beat article - of companies will use it in some form or another by 2015 to encourage interaction between companies and their users/customer and even vendors.

We used some of his suggestions on so will be interesting to see how well we can execute on Gabe Zichermanns ideas



  1. Dean, your comment above notes implementing certain suggestions into your site; any results that you care to share; did the game ideas work for you?

  2. What i really liked about the book (and others check out the comments on the amazon reviews) is that the book is full of really straight forward ideas you can implement right now eg not "esoteric" pie in the sky guidlines.

    We did fan walls (eg ) and Top 10 rankings based on direct examples i read about in this book .