Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crappy web engineering for Logitech Harmony One remote software

I loved my Logitech Harmony One remote so much i bought a second one only to find out that Logitech do not allow you to change your Login ID and that for you to change your LoginID you have to call customer support.

I find it crazy that you cant change your UserID or export the remotes settings at all to set up a new account name.

What happens when someone sells their remote?

In my instance i purchased one remote for the living room and liked it so much that i purchased a second one for the bedroom, when i called support i got the run around and told to program the remote again from scratch again with a new username.

I pointed out online in the community support pages that they could clone the account to a new username - first they told me it wasnt possible and then told me he would need to direct me to paid support as the original remote was outside of the 90 support time.

When i pointed out the reason for the support call was my brand new remote and i threatened to send it back due to logitechs sucky web engineering of not being able to change a userid he decided that yes he was able to "clone" the account and asked me what i wanted the new LoginID to be - in my instance i now have setup 2 accounts.

So i guess back to being a happy Logitech Harmony One customer but seriously this is ridiculous that this isnt possible from the customer end.


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