Friday, April 08, 2011

Would you trust TimeWarner to manage your home security?

Your cable provider maintains a data connection into your home, even if you dont use them for internet and use wimax/cell hotspot/steal the neighbours wifi instead to provide your home internet connection there is still a cable box sitting in most living rooms and most of the time it's doing very little.

You can see with the recent timewarner/comcast/verizon value add functionality such as whole house dvr, ipad remote view, comcast remote dvr storage that they are all looking to develop additional functionality (and billing).

So i guess my question is this, if your dvr is sitting there doing very little would you trust your cable company to put in wireless infra-red and motion detectors into your house and then use the dvr as a base monitoring system or do you have so little faith in the "cable company" for things to work properly that there is no way in hell you would trust them to monitor your home security....?

What do you think?


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