Saturday, April 09, 2011

Aurasma's image recognition

Engadget posted this video of Aurasmas image recognition -

dumb dumb dumb.

i cant stress how poor image recognition works with real world use.

the reason this is a fail comes down to door knobs. yep thats right door knobs.

when was the last time someone showed you "how to use" a door you hadn't seen used before? that's right you don't, you see a door knob and you know what the UX will be.

The issue with image recognition is unless you can guarantee every print/object/surface in the world is linked to your database when people pull out their scanner and it doesn't work a few times they are going to feel like idiots.

People understand the "practice" of using QR codes, pull out phone/scan/get result - same as door knobs.


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  1. Seems not everyone likes my door knob analogy.

    I'll post back here if the challenge bet gets accepted but i doubt it will.

    You're really labouring this poor door knob analogy. There should be no need to stick stupid QR codes on all these objects. There are better ways of making people aware that an object is 'AR-ready' than needing a big black and white QR code.

    QR codes don't allow for any interaction, and lose all the power of overlaying content on reality. I'm not sure you fully understand the difference between QR codes and AR markers. They look a little similar but work in very different ways.

    lol understand both AR and QR very well.

    Do you understand door knobs?

    The fact you dismiss them shows you dont get that a door knob is a perfect example of UX.

    I'll bet you $100 here and now that one of two things will happen in the future before your technology takes off,
    1/ you end up putting some kind of identification on photos that are "aurasmas"mified
    2/ you cease to exist and development stops.

    Door knobs rule, there is one on every door and they need no instructions.