Friday, June 10, 2011

Free versus indirect QR codes

Article written by the CEO of Neomedia one of the 2 biggest QR vendors in the USA

Laura Marriott"It means providing an appropriate level of service and delivering the ROI that both brands and agencies have come to expect from their mobile bar code marketing initiatives.

For mobile bar codes, it is a decision between whether to leverage free bar code services or fee-based barcode services in a brand owner’s deployments. What does this mean? And why should you care?"  

All i can say is wow i hope someone is given the opportunity to write an alternative view in response to correct the many "slightly inconsistent" points made by this article.

Some are correct but some are just plain old false.

As you know i dont have a "dog in this fight" and no commercial reason to disagree but a statement like "QR code size may also be physically larger in direct implementations" is just plain misleading.

Everyone knows it's related to the number of characters in a URL eg is just as good as

It's crap like this that gives vendors a bad name.

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  1. I agree! I was reading the article and came to the conclusion that if you consider where you are going to land traffic delivered from a QR Code you can deal with most of the disadvantages that are cited in the article.

    Free Services like PRO allow the redirect to be from the organizations domain and provide analytics on the traffic generated by the QR code.

    Mark Scrimshire

  2. Mark, was chatting with a friend in the space today and said hey you have to read this article..... the article is still there but it's been altered.....and wouldnt you know it, the alterations were more then 24 hours ago so google cache has the latest version.

    If anyone has a copy of it as was posted originally i'd appreciate a copy.