Monday, June 20, 2011

ICANN suffix announcement

I read the ICANN announcement today and thought hmmm I wonder if there is a possibility of buying any names then selling subsites

Eg  or http://deancollins.rockstar/  and other stupid things like that (eg at $200k setup you’d need some big throw around money to see if it would work) however basically thought, interesting but nothing to worry about.

Then while reading engadget today came across this post

moonshadow101 19 hours ago
There really should be a 3-4 character limit. ".programming" is stupid as hell.

Ahhh crap, I never even thought about this. How many apps out there are going to break because of 15 digit domain suffixes in the signup page or other related issues.

Has anyone looked at their own code to see what is going to break once this is introduced and people start using email@DeanCollins.genius


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