Friday, June 03, 2011

hey Walt Mossberg, you suck :)

So Walt Mossberg is upset he cant watch cat videos on YouTube from his iPhone
Mossberg: What’s the deal between you and Steve Jobs? He was here last year, and he had a chance to expand on what he had previously written about [Flash], and summarized, he said “Well, I think our duty is to pick technologies in the ascendancy. We feel like Flash is not on the ascendancy, we think HTML 5 is, so that’s who we decided to go with for iOS Devices. What’s your response to that?

My response would be, hey Walt, you suck-get a real phone :)

The funniest part of reading this article is I’ve never receive so many email support requests to than in the last 2 weeks.

We setup this side project on a whim for the #CaseyAnthony trial on

Basically people are addicted to watching this thing (about 2000 visitors today alone with 12m 20sec averages) – the only problem is because it’s flash YouTube video we are streaming people are asking us how to view the trial on their iphones, on average about 5 comments a day for the last 8 days in the chat or via the support email address.

Ascendancy my butt, people want to watch cat videos now.


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