Saturday, June 25, 2011

Melissa Ferrick - Rubin Mueseum of Art

Jodie and I got to see Melissa Ferrick play at Rubin Museum of Art on Friday.

You have to go and check out this museum and see someone do a gig in their music room, its amazing.

Basically the entire room is quiet, I don’t mean, sort of quiet, I mean you can have 100 people in there and it’s acoustically perfect, they’ve done something with the sloping roof and baffles to make it perfectly quiet, I mean in between songs I could hear the girl next to me breathing kind of quiet

Because the walls are all solid wood you can hear what the performer is playing without any amps etc at all, basically Melissa just played un-mic’d and with an acoustic guitar and although we were at least 10 rows back you could still hear her perfectly even when she was speaking to the room between sets with a normal speaking voice you could hear everything.

I'm not quite sure how they do it but it's an amazing experience to hear, even for someone who is as "natural" as Melissa Ferrick you still pick up on nuances, lol especially when she was in such an upbeat and funny mood.

Only problem is because they turn the air-conditioning off….gets a little warm with everyone after an hour or so.

BTW yes the normal gender bias was in the audience, jodie counted 7 guys in the room including myself. I dont get it, i think she's got an amazing talent so dont understand why she is seen as so lesbian niche. 

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