Sunday, June 19, 2011

We've got it easy regardless of what the Unabomber thinks

i was reading this article and thought how easy we really have it.
The scene was apparently bedlam at airports in cities across the country last night as United Airlines' computer system totally failed, leaving thousands of flyers stranded for hours. So what the hell happened?

Someone commented;
NorthernRoamer: It's just that we seem to have walked through a door that locked behind us.

My comment back
.... we are in a room with benefits you could never have benefited from if you didn't go through that door in the first place.
People say we are too dependant and shouldn't have move from self supported agrarian lifestyles....bullshit who are you kidding, do you know how hard it was back then.
So what 10,000 people or so couldn't fly on Friday night....big deal, try crossing the country on wagon where it would take 3 months and 30% would die on the way....sleep toasty my friends.
So think about that as you sip your iced triple latte machicino this morning :)

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