Saturday, June 25, 2011

MsTags ....still suck regardless of what Microsoft brand evangelists tell you

MsTag evangalists for Microsoft are hitting LinkedIn 2d code groups trying to convince people over to the dark side....

My response;
Nick, if Microsoft really wanted to add value they could have deployed a backend analytics solutions with QR codes, (better still built the management platform into an IIS module.......) but no they chose to be painful and deploy proprietary.

MsTags offer NO value to end users 'except' they can be 1/4 the size (roughly) based on the colour shifts.

The url shortening etc offers no advantages not available from any other vendor, and when offset with the lack of deployed readers and proprietary code painfully a waste of space and just confusing the market.

Microsoft are never benevolent and learnt nothing from Denso.....i appreciate you have a job to do but consultants also in the space also have a job to do in advising their clients to stay away from MsTags.

I cant advise people stay away enough from this disaster enough.

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