Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eyes and your brain V's evil advertising creatives

Focus on the red dot below for 10 seconds.
Then look onto a white wall/table and blink fast and repeatedly.

yep....everyone sees it. eyes really are quite the cool part is that your eyes and bain are closely linked......think about that for a moment, now tell me why some creative advertising campaigns work better than others.

I'm sure there would be some colour combinations that work better for recall than others.

Any particular campaigns pop into your mind?

Thanks Leon for this tip.


  1. BMW did a similar ad campaign using video.
    BMW Afterimage

  2. Volumes have been written on the effect of colors on people's moods and behavior. There truly is a science behind advertising. Combined with a dash of creativity, an advertising genius can be born.

    Long Island advertising agencies

  3. I wonder if this technique would work with a 3D advertising campaign, too. Colors really do have a big impact on people.