Friday, November 18, 2011

Zone Alarm is now bloatware

Zone Alarm is now " bloatware ",they took a perfectly good product and ruined it.

Since Checkpoint purchased it a few years ago they have ruined this security app with useless junk features. I've been able to accept it up to now but with the latest installation they

1/ Installed a toolbar into my browser
2/ modified my homepage to a "searchconduit" link.

Very disappointed at their attitudes and I'm uninstalling it forever. This is such a shame.


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  1. Those are my thoughts as well. I go around and fix computers for people who aren't rich. I used to brag this up because it worked so well, and then week(s?) ago when it went from 40-megs to 140-megs, like you said, with toolbar and whatnot, I had to go back to all the computers and replace it with either Comodo (nice interface but high RAM), PC Tools Firewall plus (free and very nice) and the final one I still have yet to evaluate (ashampoo Free). I've heard that Ashampoo Free is the best of the freeware, but I'll start evaluating tonight. Now as to freeware, as a Tech I don't mind if a month later something pops-up to say they can buy a nicer version, that's business for you, but ZoneAlarm is offensive in many ways at this point, and because I charge little if anything for helping a user get their ducks in a row, they have every right to blame me for BS that happens after I leave. I'm sure a lot of Techs in my shoes are freaking-out right now. To reiterate, if you're a tech and want to look bad and have your clients really angry and confused, go ahead, install Zone Alarm.