Sunday, November 20, 2011

J. Edgar

Firstly without doubt the best acting i have ever seen done by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Secondly whoever is responsible for the makeup in the film has won the academy award this year for their work in this film, i was speechless at not only how flawless "old hoover" looked but also "young hoover".

Jodies only complaint about the film was Clint Eastwood concentrated too much on the love story aspect between Hoover and Tolsyn. In reality there could have been another entirely different movie about how amazingly skilled Hoover was at a managerial level, building a governmental agency from nothing and getting the resources out of congress that he needed (by hook and or crook).

Now for the fucktards in the audience that giggled at the gay scenes, FFS!! this is 2011 and you live in NY, not Hicksville Arkansas. Get a grip already OR go stick to shootem up explosion films. Its people like you that make me realise owning my home theatre projection system makes sense and i should just be happy with watching films 6 months after cinema release.

Naomi Watts brought a smile to my face at the end, solid as a rock like always.

You should run to see this film not walk, highly recomend it as you'll never see a better performance from DiCaprio ever.


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