Tuesday, November 15, 2011

QR codes being done right

Finally QR codes being done right!!!

IF ever there was a cool use for QR codes (not just practical), this might just be it. JCPenney’s new “Who’s Your Santa” campaign has a QR code extension for 2011, where everyone who buys a gift for Xmas will receive a unique QR code Gift Tag or “Santa Tag” as they are calling them… http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/jcpenney-voice-message-qr-code-santa-gift-tags

Dean Collins


  1. Free QR Voice Tags for Christmas

    As part of our QR Voice pre launch program, AppSherpas have opened a prize draw to win one of one hundred free QR Voice Tag's to be used this Christmas to personalise your greeting messages on gifts, greetings cards or just for fun.

    "QR Voice Tags are talking QR codes that you can add to almost anything. Call our QR Voice system from your phone, record your message and we will send you a QR code to print and attach to anything you wish. Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QR Voice tag and instantly hear your message."

    To enter go to the QR Voice website - http://www.qrvoicetags.com


  2. Graeme,

    Any plans to offer the files as a webpage which uses audio in the browser? might be easier for some phones than using the raw wave file.

    Also can you post some information on your website about pricing (or state that this is free).

    Not showing any pricing information/terms and conditions etc give concern to some people.

    You also dont have information on the website about the phone number to call.....not sure if this is launched or you threw it up today because of the JC Penny announcement.

  3. Hi Dean, thank you for your comments. The QR Voice Tags are part of a wider launch of our mobile platform illumiEye which is a marketing and content presentation service for retailers and publishers supporting QR Codes, barcode, invisible QR Codes plus a number of other components.

    Making the QR Voice Tags available for free to consumers for Christmas was to give us some feedback on how people would use them. We have not yet made decisions on the cost models for launch but it is likely to be free for personal use and a component of a wider custom package for business use.

    In the meantime we have a couple of hundred for people to create for their own use and try prior to our full launch in early 2012. All they need to do is like our Facebook or Google pages which can be fount at qrvoicetags.com.

    We also have some samples on our website to allow people to try out the technology and will be releasing the telephone numbers to call to the prize winners. The numbers are standard UK PSTN numbers, no premium number dialling. The business service will offer 0800 numbers to remove costs to the end consumer and we are also planning at putting a Skype service and other international numbers to further minimise costs to the users.

    Thank you for your comment regarding the older devices and audio files. This is something we will change.