Sunday, November 27, 2011

QR code ..."Articles" ... and why they suck

lol, the more prevelant QR codes become here in the USA the more popular it is to be seen writing articles dissing QR codes. At least this one skipped the "cuecat references" but in every otherway it's a fail.

This article should be titled "Why QR codes suck" BUT.....they make great linkbait.

You know the funny part about reading the comments is they are the same arguments that advertising/marketing dinosaurs were saying about the "Internet" when it first popped up into the mainstream in the 90's.

The Internet...nobody know what to do?
The Internet...I need technology to connect
The Internet...its a bit disappointing

What a fail. Alex Cowles i think you should get out of marketing and stick with DJ'ing.

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