Thursday, August 30, 2007

CBS makes Dell deal for Wallstrip

For those of you that dont know Wallstrip is a daily internet video show with some fairly reasonable production values that made a splash a few months ago for being acquired by CBS for an unknown but widely reported figure of $5m.

Now whilst the rights to a tv show for $5m is small it was a huge splash in the internet video space and made a lot of people revalue the content they were delivering.

Well yesterday CBS announced they had signed a major deal with Dell for sponsorship (in other words within a few months they already turned this into a cash cow).

Read the article - it's cool to see how irreverently they handled the new deal :)

Go check them out

While I'm at it I wanted to draw your attention to another video I came across last week. I have no idea who is behind it or who Kurt Kuenne is or even how they are making money from it (or even if Iklipz are paying for the content) but check out this amazing black and white production. I know it starts off really weird but trust me stick with it - will steal your heart by the end.


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