Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sticking it to the 'judges'

LOL - I love this article.

The plastic Trunki case is designed to allow youngsters aged three to six to take their own bag on holiday - and to sit on it when they are tired.

But when Mr Law appeared on Dragons' Den last September, he was given short shrift by the famously stern panel of investors.

Businessman Theo Paphitis, chair-man of the Ryman chain of stationers, ridiculed the product after managing to pull off one of the straps. His colleague Deborah Meadon, head of a holiday firm, declared bluntly that there was no market for the case.
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Having now sold 85,000 of them in the last 12 months at $25 a piece.... how happy does this inventer look (below) - his company is now valued at more than $1m.

Dont let anyone tell you what you can or cant do.

P.S. My personal motto "Power to the ambitious baby-It's the only way to live, anything else is just wasting oxygen until you fill a box."


  1. What's that famous quote? Something about, early adopters/inventors get ridiculed and their disruptive ideas are confrontational, until they are proved successful and then they become the norm - "it was obvious". Sheeet, I can't remember, and it's such a good quote. :(

  2. Good one, Dean. Like the man said, "The man who says that something is impossible is invariably interrupted by the man who says, 'I just did it'."


  3. No market for the Trunki cases huh...?
    May those judges be run over by a phalanx of cranky kids on Trunki's!
    Bravo to the inventor and thanks Dean for the usual good vibes.