Friday, August 17, 2007

JFK suck

Ahh JFK airport what can I really say that captures the ambience the mood the....'flavour' apart from "JFK You Suck".

Wake up New Yorkers - you are living in a third world city and it stinks that you are just accepting it.

P.S. How about implementing this kind of 'do you fit' if not please diet rack for public places.


  1. Dean, I cannot agree with you more re JFk. The only half-decent terminal is Terminal 1 and even there the wifi is premium-billed ! I'm sending you a FB invite to join the American Airlines haters group so you can share your stories.

  2. I always, but always use EWR. Quick in and out, great domestic connections and closer to Manhattan than JFK. Why would anyone use JFK??
    Moshe Maeir

  3. Dean,
    yeah, you are right, JFK airport is the worst group of structures built on this earth. I was stranded there overnight once and had to sit on those lovely plastic chairs for an endless number of hours and there was some poor guy who was actually sleeping on the floor, the security guard lady came over and was saying "SIR, You can't sleep on the floor" around 20 times before he woke up, that was our (with fellow-stranded passengers) only comic relief.

    Bad Airport: JFK
    Great Airport: Amsterdam -- has those nice (no sarcasm intended) therapist-office-like long chairs where you can sprawl out and take a nap, JFK, learn something from that.
    OK Airpot: Detroit, has that pyschedelic tunnel you can walk through to help you forget that you are stranded in an airport.