Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wireless HDMI

Woohoo 1080P wireless HDMI is finally coming.

I cant believe how long this has taken (or why it has taken so long) but this is going to change a lot about how/where we install our home theatre equipment.

And placate my wife who hates the amount of cables we have running from the front of our living room where the tv, hd tuner, amp, dvd player are to the rear where our projector and rear speakers are located.

There is no reason why your plasma/lcd cant be mounted on a front wall only connected to a power point but everything else operating from a closet and no actual cables to your speakers (either front/center or back) and everything just being delivered via wireless.

Or even better, new products such as portable display devices you can carry with you or whole of house content delivery which allows you to watch a dvd upstairs from a dvd player located in the living space.

Looking forward to the future, even if it's just an opportunity to trade up from my 110" projector screen to a 140".


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