Monday, August 27, 2007

Second Life level heads

I just came across this article this evening;

Not a lot of news in there (especially since one of my Cognation associates was at the event and I already had a briefing this morning on the more interesting aspects of the event).

However I wanted to draw people's attention to this quote;

"Second Life is still very early and very small," he said, hinting at his disapproval of the media buzz that swarmed the virtual world several months ago. "Everyone in the media (jumps ahead) a lot more than the people here," he said, gesturing to the audience of loyal metaverse residents. "Everybody wants to jump ahead and say, 'Oh my God, the future's alive!'...It's the natural myopia of emerging systems like this."
Then the idealism came back. Outsiders "don't appreciate how big this is going to get," Rosedale said.
It's that disconnect between enraptured mass-market idealism and a 'wait, don't overhype us!' cautiousness that makes the current state of Second Life somewhat difficult to grasp. If anything, the negative press about supposedly fruitless corporate marketing efforts and overhype in Second Life has energized enthusiasts, made them eager to focus on progress.

This is why Second Life is going to be successful - very smart level headed people.

Watch this space SL is going to be a very big very pervasive application that touches area of your personal and commercial activities in ways you may not even have thought of.


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