Monday, August 27, 2007

Mark Cuban is wrong (....again)

So I've been on holidays for a few days and was just catching up on my reading ( is my rss reader -works great)

I came across a post on Mark Cuban's blog from last week

Dude...what are you doing? Are you crazy we haven't even scratched the surface of what a permanent omnipresent network can do for our lives.

Yeh sure it's easy to point to the web and say 'whats new' (and I totally agree about your comments on web 2.0 - it's just a change of fonts and some java & ror programming tricks) but saying that this is it 'as far as you personally can see' is like saying once Rome settled on a standardised road format that all roads here and ever after will be more or less the same (and yes I think even the Italians will agree that some other countries evolved on the original concept and produced something even better).

I know for a fact that once the internet evolves from a person to machine transaction platform to a machine to machine fabric we will be able to implement far more radical applications into our lives.

It may not seem like a big difference but think of it like going from Atomic Fusion to Atomic Fission. Pretty much the same thing but with radically different outcomes and even bigger ramifications to the wider world (global warming, world peace, less reliance on middle east oil etc).

We here at are working on some amazing web application concepts that hopefully will change your mind about what the internet 'will finally evolve into'.

Mark I know you have to make 'wide sweeping statements' to get peoples attention but you need to choose your targets more widely.


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