Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

So for years I had heard about this Chicago "Deep Dish" pizza, and being a pizza maker extraordinaire (ask me nicely sometime and I'll make one for you when you come over for dinner) I had to try one out while in Chicago.

So not knowing the best place to get one we walked to the corner of the block our hotel was on and asked a cop :)

Gino's East was the place to go and it was only 3 blocks walk away...unfortunately it had a line out the front of about 30 people.....a good sign I guess, so we took turns standing in line before getting a seat.

Interior was 'interesting' - little bit dark with 'purposeful' signatures and graffiti writing on the wall....hmm ok

So we ordered house special medium size 'meaty lovers' and a small vegetarian for Jodie.....only to be told the wait would be 45 minutes...hmm ok

By the time it came we were starving only to gasp oh my god when it landed on the table. These guys aren't kidding when they say deep dish, it was about 3" thick.

The various different types of meat pieces were top quality and tasty, the cheese was perfect, tomato sauce spicy - it was was....way too much food. lol we didn't even finish half of it. (in other words if you are planning on visiting a small for 2 people is plenty).

It was sensational and highly reccomended - I'd definately visit again next time I'm in chicago. URL links and address below.

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P.S. Ok so Jodie would kill me if I didn't tell you this part of the story, so when we ate as much as we could and just could have another slice (eg there was at least two half pizza's left) we asked them to box up the leftovers into two seperate boxes.

On the way back I saw a homeless guy on the street so I gave him one of the boxes and he said thanks.

We then walked around the corner and then there was a woman and her 6 or 7 year old son sitting on the sidewalk with a sign that said "So Hungry" and a cup for change - I thought perfect I can give her my last box.

When I asked her if she would like it she said "oh no thanks - I already have two here" and showed me two boxes sitting next to her stuff on the floor. hmmm so much for "So Hungry".


  1. So,

    How does that compare with Australian Pizzas? I think it beats New York one any day, but I haven't tried Chicago style yet.

    Sweet-chili prawns pizza is hard to beat in my mind.

  2. Australian pizza's are pretty much the same as most places (particularly the chains Pizza Hutt, Dominos etc), there are a lot of Australia 'gourmet' pizza places opening up.

    I think the problem with New York pizzas are they are trying to copie the italian 'thin' minimal style BUT use crappy products.

    One of the best pizzas I ever had was just tomato, cheese, pancetta (eg good quality salty bacon) and basil leaves.

    You would be hard pressed to find a New York pizza that knew what basil even was.