Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have just seeen one of the pivotal pieces of online video for the year.

I needs no explanation apart from in 4 days it's now been watched over half a million times.

Pass it on, if your friends are viral video fans they’ll love it.

I dont have any information on the creators apart from their limited website here

But I'm nominating them for an Oscar.



  1. It's like two or three years of surfing in 5 minutes. Awesome. Happily I had only seen about half of it in some form or another. That is a lot of editing.

  2. Hello! Just wanted to thank you for the kind comments about the "Internet Stars are Viral" video. I am one of the creators (editor actually) and one of the cakke team. We are a rather oddly anonymous bunch. Our employeers would frown upon our efforts considering some of the clients we cater to. But fun must be had. Thanks again. Peace and eat Cakke!