Monday, October 22, 2007

Nike Marketing

I meant to post this last week but got busy.

For any of you reading this that are involved in marketing this New York Times Nike marketing article is the hottest article you are going to read this month.

What Nike are doing is dropping the pretense that they are reaching their customers through broadcast delivery methods and moving some of their spend to a "community ecology" delivery.

I know every brand manager reading this is going ... "sounds like hard work" and "doesn't scale well".

Yeh funnily enough writing a big fat check for 1/3rd to 1/2 of your total years marketing dollars for a 30 second spot and appropriate advertising run is pretty easy and you get to go up to the pub.

Well guess what - someone younger, faster and smarter is going to suggest this to your boss and you're going to be out of a job.

I'd be interested if anyone feels they are already doing something similar already, and if you are - How much dialog are you allowing between your customers and through what methods?

You can see what some other people are saying here;


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