Friday, October 12, 2007

ePort Signs On More TV Groups

Most people here wont find this applicable (and a smaller subset will understand why this is cool) but for what it’s worth this is the coolest thing I saw today;

ePort Signs On More TV Groups
Several more TV groups have signed on to ePort, the Television Bureau of Advertising’s open-standard e-business platform, set to launch next month. Including Allbritton Communications, Barrington Broadcasting, Bonneville International, Cordillera Communications/Evening Post, Fox Television Stations, Hubbard Broadcasting, Montgomery Communications, Morgan Murphy Stations, Ottuma Media Holdings and South Jersey Radio (owner of WMGM-TV in Philadelphia), ePort now has the support of 37 broadcast groups and 448 TV stations.Plans for ePort were announced in Feb. 21, backed by seed money from the National Association of Broadcasters, with the remainder of funding coming from broadcast groups and rep firms. The first phase of ePort will start in November in time for spot TV buyers to send first quarter 2008 orders electronically. The entire suite of open standard transactions, from avail through invoice for on-air, Web sites, digital sub-channels and other multiplatform offerings, is expected to be ready by March.


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