Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fios 20/20 $64.99 a month

Verizon are rolling out a "fiber to the home" to provide both TV and Internet across certain parts of the USA and have been offering 5Mb and even 10MB services for the last year however this week they have thrown down the gauntlet against the cable and dsl providers.

Fios 20/20 is now available in select trial areas for $64.99 a month.

So for about $10 more than I'm paying now with Time Warner cable (8Mb down / 768kbs up - eg the fastest I can get) I can get 20Mb down and even better 20Mbs up.......where do I sign?

As long as this isn't a bundled service requirement as soon as the truck roll heads past 120th st I'm in.

All we need now are applications apart from browsing and voip to utilise these speeds but I'm sure I can think of something.



  1. OK so after discussing FIOS with some people I've found FIOS SUX BIGTIME.

    Yes they give you a big fat pipe with 20/20mb so not only can you download content fast but ou can also upload content fast.....except that you cant.

    In the TOS (you know that contract that you read cover to cover with all the small fine print), they specify that you CANNOT run any type of server or upstream content from from your FIOS connection and that they will be blocking ports to prevent this happening.

    So if all you do is browse the web then you're fine.....anything else FIOS will screw you badly.

    Now you might be thinking well I only use the web to browse the internet.....

    You do realize that "I don’t run any servers" just doesn't apply anymore. And that anything less than pure totally unrestricted port access is a major impairment on your rights.

    I've written plenty of times about Net Neutrality on my blog so dont need to rehash it here but you shouldn't sign if Verizon is indicating that they wish to place any 'terms' on your use.

    EG You do realize you are running as server if you are using any of the following applications;

    Most voip aps like packet 8,vonage etc
    Bit Torrents
    Most Video Conferencing apps like GoTo Meeting etc

    Any type of vpn access to your home files (or accessing files in the office from home)

    From November the future Tivo Series 3, or other types of remote dvr access including cell phone/laptop remote viewing using slingbox.

    So in summary

    Pro - Really big fat pipe with headroom to spare for expansion in the future

    Cons- plenty ....seeing you cant do anything under the TOS you signed apart from browse the web.

    Like I said before I don’t care how big the pipes are if they intend to restrict any ports you should stay away from it. Hopefully the will change these rules before I get tempted to sign up :)


  2. Yes, but this is a restrction from any residential provider not just Verizon. Running a server is a no-no on a residential plan. I agree that this is an out-of-date thinking and as long as your server usage is kept to reasonable level, there shouldn't be a problem. If one actually does want to run a server complete within a provider's TOS, one has to get a business account.

  3. I'm sorry I have to disagree with you.

    I have time warner cable and have both a web and email server sitting on the end of a switch.

    this is not possible using FIOS today.