Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RIAA going into space to prosecute Astronauts :)

The RIAA announced today they were setting up a special prosecution team to blast into space to prosecute the International Space Station astronaut pirates.

They were quoted as saying "we will go to all ends of the earth to prosecute anyone illegally downloading copyrighted material"

The cover for their illicit distribution networks was blown in an interview when Yuri Malenchenko blatantly taunted that his stash of ripped music and movies from his last visit was still safely on board.
"There is some music I brought up and some movies," Malenchenko said.
"There's movies up there, some will have stayed but we try to change them out because we have limited space and so we just add new ones. So we get to pick a new set of movies that go up for us to watch in our free time. And they've gotten a lot more capability now to send up short TV shows or other things for us, which is great, so if you have a favorite series of whatever, they can get that up to you," said Whitson.

NASA when questioned about the rumours that their computer network was just a cover for distributing porn and ripped mp3's for staff issued a stern "No Comment".



  1. Dean this is hilarious and Android - well put. It seems the government was initially thinking this: "Currently, US copyright laws don't extend into space, but Congress is moving to extend them into the *known universe*." From the site you referred us to, and dang ambitious!

    ** My wonderment centers on their plans for enforcement. This may sound ridiculous but we must consider for example: What will RIAAA do to the Aliens and other "Visitors" who in future will take advantage of our Gift of Music? Will listeners be billed via satellite [or Seti] for each terabyte they take in?? Will the DRM-Police nab and prosecute? All pretty laughable questions I admit, but pertinent to the way Washington appears to be handling things both here and in space. So what's a universal traveler to do?