Monday, October 29, 2007

Eyeball Valuations

Interesting article in todays New York Times primarily about and one of it's owners Al Gore however really interesting point that I noted was two figures stated about what a 'viewer' valuation might be worth in a dollar figure.

Basically they value at $40 per subscriber - now I dont know how much Time Warner pays each month to carry it on my subscription that I pay $45 a month for 600+ channels but it cant be much.

Obviously some of this will also be offset with the amount of advertising they can sell during the lifetime of my subscription as well.

Personally i think $40 is too high but what do i know.

A more realistic figure is the actual valuation from last months Oxygen network sale to NBC. Oxygen runs a 'female focused' cable network....and yes they run good movies from time to time so I've watched it occasionally.

The trade sale at $12 per subscriber seems more realistic.

Oh and in case you didn't know Oprah was one of the founding directors/investors in Oxygen....and was reported to have received $250m+ for her part of the sale. Lol that woman could get a flat tire on a freeway and still make money out of it some how.

Anyway interesting times. In case you are really interested in eyeball valuations you might also want to have a listen to Shelly Palmers podcast with the CEO of where in the last 1/3rd of the interview they discuss valuations for new online video media.


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