Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fuzion watercooling blocks

A few people have emailed me with water cooling questions about my rack mentioned in this post on Monday It's pretty specific so I'll spare you however I did want to cover 1 quick topic.

I recently upgraded to Core 2 Duo cpu's and Dtek Fuzion water blocks.

For those of you going 'huh?' - the simple answer is - a water cooling block sits on top of the CPU in place of the cpu fan and using water transfers heat away from the CPU to an external radiator.

Also for those of you that care - I also have water blocks for my video cards, hard drives, southbridge (fan on the motherboard) and in two of my machines have special water cooled power supplies eliminating the fan in there as well.

Ok so the reason for this post. When I swapped from 3ghz P4's and Zalman water cooler to the new Intel Core 2 Duo 3ghz + Dtek Fuzion Water blocks instantly I noticed the CPU temps had dropped from mid 40's celcius to mid 30's.

So even though I've practically doubled processing capacity my heat dropped 10 degrees. Now I'm not sure how much of this is due to moving to a new cpu and how much is due to the water cooler but I'd highly recommend you consider checking your motherboard to see if it is Core 2 Duo compatible, if so you might want to upgrade and ebay your old processor while resale prices are still high.


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