Monday, December 03, 2007

Pursuit of Silence

As some of you might already know, I have a 7ft monster that sits (somewhat quietly) in the corner of my home office -lol at least now in Harlem my office is a separate room, when we first moved to New York I sat in a corner of our living room out in the open with the rest of the junk on my desk.

Yes I'm sure most people dont need 5 computers (and a 3000VA UPS and all the other go fast bits) but lets face it, us geeks love this stuff.

Personally i cant wait for virtualisation to come about but as the slowest machine I have is a 2.8ghz P4 2gb ram and the fastest 2 I have are CoreDuo 3ghz with 4gb of ram I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to 'virtualise' my 5 machines onto.

Either way from time to time I wish it was a bit quieter, so initially I bought the enclosed rack, then I bought super quiet fans and hard drives (lol 11 drives between the 5 of them), then i bought 2 zalman reserator water coolers which worked great but the 4th and 5 machine put the average operating temp over the limit.

Then we went to 'candy land' and spent way to much money on some Alphacool Cape Cora's from Germany - which haven't been fully installed but I think this will be the final solution (lol apart from buying 3 more watercooled power supplies - which even I gulped at the price of and could only bring myself to buy 2 in the first order to try and spread the additional costs of which essentially is just removing a single fan from each pc).

Why am i telling you all this. Well if you are a super geek this will all seem normal to you.

If you aren't then this video will seem - very very very strange.

But for some of us 'boy toy' fans who remember the early fluid cooled cray supercomputer images..... this 'mineral oil liquid cooled pc' from Puget Custom PC's seems just perfect.


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