Sunday, December 02, 2007

Qantas trouble...Branson one ups

BA ban puts Qantas in quandary
IF YOU are planning an overseas surfing holiday, don't fly with British Airways. BA is no longer carrying surfboards. Nor is the airline carrying canoes, windsurfing equipment, vaulting poles, javelins or hang-gliders. In fact, all large sporting equipment is banned.

The explanation from head office comes in the form of a somewhat puzzling statement that says: "Some items are simply not suitable for airport baggage systems to handle or travel in the aircraft hold due to size and weight restrictions."

And in a later paragraph

In a particularly Branson-esque response, Virgin Atlantic announced that sport travellers can take one piece of sporting equipment in addition to their checked baggage.

You have to love it. Running a business isn't brain surgery, some times you just have to wait for your competition to screw up. It reminds me of the comments David Polinchock made last Thursday at the NY Marketing Meetup that brands have to have a "voice".

Well done Mr Branson.


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