Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I read about scanR on Alec Saunders blog a few days ago, tried it with a single business card.

Worked pretty good - they mislabeled the company name (the 'logo' didn't OCR properly so they just took the email domain which would normally work but in this case didn't).

For some strange reason they also don’t realize 'cell phone' is the same as 'mobile'.

The VCF file download in the return webpage is a nice touch and makes adding details to outlook a nice touch.

Depending on how good their accuracy levels stay it's a nice feature and well worth the $29 a year.

Would I worry about mistakes and hang on to the card until it was returned in e-format, Yeh probably for important cards but until Americans wake up and understand QR codes (see this is probably a good alternative.


(btw I blurred out identifying information for obvious reasons - also is it just me or do you see scanR selling the contact information to another company as they scan it .... )


  1. Hi Dean - I work with scanR. Thanks for giving the service a try. Be assured that we do not sell contact information (yours or the contact information that is processed via scanR) to anyone. Feel free to ping me with more questions. Thanks Rick

  2. 2nd day feedback, there's a lot of things they do good...there are some that dont work at all.

    for example cards written perpendicular (eg on the short side and meant to be turned to one side) have areal issue with scanning.

    which is funny as you think that this would be really straight forward thing to rotate clockwise before the OCR.

    still very happy with it though.