Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"IS Sorry" Facebook group - Feb 13th


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Name: I'm Changing My Facebook Status to "is Sorry" on February 13
Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes
The Australian Government will be making a formal apology to members of the Stolen Generations on Wednesday, 13 February, 2008. It's an apology from the current Australian Government for the actions of those of the past. I may not have been personally responsible for what happened but I would like to say sorry too.On Wednesday February 13th, I will change my facebook status to say "is sorry". It would be great if others would join me.Your reasons can be your own. Mine are below (but you by no means need to agree with them).ThanksI want to say I'm sorry because;I believe the Australian Government does owe an apology to Indigenous Australians and I want to support them in that statement,I believe that non-Indigenous Australians exploited Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for their own benefit and that I have indirectly benefited as a result of their suffering,I believe in showing empathy with the most disadvantaged and neglected group within our community (even if only in such a small gesture as this),I truly wish that it never had happened and that Indigenous Australians deserve an apology.

Choice is yours but for Australians of similar think is an interesting suggestion.


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