Thursday, February 21, 2008

Windows Live Messenger Translation Bot

Microsoft Research Machine Translation team has come out with an IM Translation Bot. MTBot prototype project which made it possible to combine machine translation technology with instant messaging.

This will help millions of Windows Live Messenger users to make use of this IM Bot which will act as a human translator, participating in conferences and translating messages as they are sent by all parties.

Just add to your contact list, and once you're accepted send it one of the following messages:- Hello: activates the bot to translate from English to any of the available languages (you will be prompted to select one)

For example 'ja' for Japanese. After that the Bot will tell to invite your friend to join the conversation who wants this translation. So from this point on everything I type gets translated to Japanese and whatever friend types will be translated from Japanese to English.

Check out the pic below....shame we both only speak english :) but I'll find a use for it real soon now.


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