Wednesday, February 06, 2008 = Smart UGC

User Generated Content - if you are in consumer marketing and dont have a campaign planned for 2008 using UGC as a basis for some form of end user marketing then expect to be fired/replaced/usurped by someone in your department who is (oh and anyone who thinks this is wrong....dont worry your boss probably doesn't know/understand it either so you'll be fine.....maybe).

Tide's Talking Stain Ad Invites Spoofs
The Cincinnati EnquirerProcter & Gamble's talking-stain ad, which made its debut on Super Bowl Sunday, sends viewers to a Tide To Go Web site-- --where they are greeted with games, prizes (1,000 will be given away each day) and a chance to submit their own YouTube ad spoof. The best ad submitted will be aired on primetime TV later this year.By the end of the night Sunday, had received more than 30,000 unique visits, and more than 5,500 customized ads were created, the company says. The ad spot was also viewed more than 100,000 times on Visitors to mytalkingstain. com also could download various items, including the stain's "voice" as a ring tone for a cell phone. The number of Super Bowl advertisements with an online component, such as Tide to Go's, will surely grow in the years to come, says Larry Vincent, who leads the brand strategy group at Siegel+Gale. "You can't do it with 300 brands," Vincent says, "but this was a P&G crown jewel brand asset. - Read the whole story...

Now this isn't a new concept - hell it's not even the first time it's been done in a superbowl (eg last years doritos advertisment) but it gets people using, talking and marketing on your behalf (albeit not WOM - word of mouth marketing).

The best part about it.......let google spend the money in bandwidth charges - YouTube or one of the other 'public' platforms is a great free technology to leverage. Basically all you as a vendor are up for is the time/energy on creatives and the prize money - how cool is that.


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