Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bye Bye WiFi, Hello GiFi

A friend of mine Scott Shaffer posted this on his blog today

The "GiFi" was unveiled today at the Melbourne University-based laboratories of NICTA, the national information and communications technology research centre.The tiny five-millimeter-a-side chip can transmit data through a wireless connection at a breakthrough five gigabits per second over distances of up to 10 meters. An entire high-definition movie from a video shop kiosk could be transmitted to a mobile phone in a few seconds, and the phone could then upload the movie to a home computer or screen at the same speed.
Woot go aussies :)

As some of you may know the mimo capabilitie of 802.11n was developed by another group of aussies at the csiro.

What is it about aussies and wireless huh.


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