Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Commercials

Yeh Giants (game was average, but the last 2 minutes were pure nail biter material).

One thing I wanted to comment on though, was it just me or did everyone else think that this years Superbowl Commercials were a little average?

I mean if you are going to pay $2.7m for your 30 seconds of fame.....wouldn't you make sure it was an amazingly fantastic commercial.

I liked the Audi R8 commercial (amazing car btw...expect to see a lot of them on the streets this year) and the Planters Nuts was ok - and Jodie liked the Fedex Carrier Pigeons and the Etrade Baby talking commercial but apart from that....where were the showstoppers?

Are we just expecting too much/ Or did Madison Avenue 'phone it in' for this years event?

Check them out here and post your favourites

BTW If you are interested in the business of the Superbowl check out this article -


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  1. obviously I'm not the only one who thought the commercials were a little average this year.