Thursday, February 07, 2008

MusicMatch begat Yahoo Unlimited begat Rhapsody....

I have about 15-20 posts in my blogger account at any time which I start but never finish for some reason. Some I eventually delete half written and some I intend to do some more research but never find the time.

One of those posts I started but never finished about how sucky Yahoo Unlimited was as a music service and it really sucked that the developers/founders of Musicmatch Jukebox application sold out to Yahoo.

I purchased a Musicmatch license and have been using it for years through the various license versions with its various issues, but when Yahoo purchased it and rebranded it they changed a number of functions making it worse than ever.

Not that I have a problem with founders cashing in and selling out (though please try and choose a custodian that will honor your original customers) but just how sucky the Yahoo service was.

It was with great joy I read this today;

Yahoo to switch off Music Unlimited
Yahoo is to axe its Music Unlimited service and transfer customers to RealNetworks' Rhapsody offering.

ahh didums. I guess I never will have a chance to finish that post......though some links are below in case you are interested.


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