Thursday, February 14, 2008

Knight Rider

hmmm so I'm reading the online this morning and I see a banner advertisement for the new Knight Rider series (weird because the smh is displaying me a local USA NBC television show banner because they know from my ip address I'm in the USA.... but thats a story for another post).

Anyway so here is my question - does it just seem wrong that "Kit" the car in Knight Rider is a Mustang?
(I'm assuming they kept the same name for the car...)

I mean I like Mustang cars (not personally to own but they are cool in their own throwback style), but I think the 'product placement dept' screwed up with this one.

As such a central role to the whole concept I think they should have passed on the product placement subsidies and cast a car that actually made sense for the role.

I could change my mind but as I doubt I'll be watching I dont think so.


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