Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Android App Store for mobile applications

Google released early details yesterday about their plans for Android Market, an online bazaar for programs that run on Android phones. Essentially an Android version of the iPhone’s popular Mobile App Store, it offers three key advantages over Apple’s offering:

It will follow the YouTube model of instant gratification: just upload and publish. Your content will appear immediately in the Market. By contrast Apple requires each iPhone app to be vetted and approved. Android’s multi-level security model will help protect your handset from malicious or just plain broken programs.

I'm wondering when a 'cross platform mobile' application market will be launched?

Obviously there are more windows mobile applications than any other mobile platform out there just seems strange nothing competing with the iPhone app store has been launched.

Also I dont get why no one has setup the domain http://www.mobileappstore.net/

Seems like an obvious choice with
http://iphone.mobileappstore.net/ etc etc.


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