Saturday, September 27, 2008

Homebuilt Atom replica

oh wow - talk about a cool project, this guy built himself a homemade Ariel Atom replica

There are more pictures on his Flickr page

It would have been a cooler build if he went through and detailed the project part by part - I also dont believe his claim that he could could get this car street legal, but even if it's not huge kudos (lol - I'm just jealous).

Btw in case you have no idea what an Arial Atom is check out this

BTW for all the car fans visiting this page, have you checked out;


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  1. I live in the US and I do believe in some states there are a few basic requirements for a home built vehicle to meet i.e. working horn, lights, etc and voila!

    other states might be a little tougher with emissions but even then if it passes, i think your good.

    in my state however, hinged doors (minimal means of egress) are required if i recall.