Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great now any idiot cause can market using banner ads

So I'm checking out my website analytics this morning (I use in case you are interested) and I see a banner advertisement on the right that says

"Price of Oil without Iran having a nuclear bomb"

and then showed a price gauge creeping up before showing this final graphic.

And I'm thinking like WTF?? who would create something like this, so of course i clicked through. It leads to a simple petition

Unfortunately there is no where to fill out a request to tell them that they GGF - i did however forward this blog post to

Whilst I fully support his right to free speech and his right to display advertisements like this - I also fully reserve my right to call him and any one else involved with an idiot.

If you want to put together a petition that says that the USA will lead the way by destroying their own nuclear arms first then I'll fully support that.

I mean lets face it if the USA isn't prepared to give up their own nuclear ambitions then it's a little stupid to ask any other sovereign states to do so.

Seeing Henley is local to New York maybe he's interested in having a beer to discuss.


Update - Wednesday the 8th of April, 2009

Hmmm the plot thickens.

Someone just sent me this link - now i dont know who sent it to me, or what their motives are but it looks like the document is legitimate.

The Use of RNC E-Mail Accounts by White House Officials
The Oversight Committee has been investigating whether White House officials violated the Presidential Records Act by using e-mail accounts maintained by the Republican National Committee and the Bush Cheney ‘04 campaign for official

It appears Henley MacIntyre the person behind the banner ad and posted the comments saying my arguments didn't make sense Was a white house official who violated the Presidential Records act by using a secret email account.

It's a shame the banner ad campaign didn't identify who was behind the pr stunt.


  1. ha ha ha yeh right - wake up you sheep.

    The USA is the country that has overthrown sovereign states at least 7 times in the last 25 years 'that we know about' (australia is still an unknown example) - if thats not state sponsored terrorism what is?

    thinking that iran not having a nuclear bomb is going to drive down oil prices is dumb.

    lol - yep allowing india and pakistan to have the nuclear bomb is a good thing right because they are our allies.....two neighbours who have been at war with each other for over 60 years (ok so not continuously but dont tell the kashimiries this).

    Wake up and stop swallowing the propoganda - your brain will appreciate it.


  2. it's a pretty common error to link the validity of an argument to the credibility of the one making the argument, so don't feel bad.

    but it does make me curious, by your reasoning, how many non-nuclear states would it take to convince you it's better for all of us that iran stay non-nuclear?

  3. it's interesting that your opinions are so easily molded by whomever makes the argument rather than by the merit of the argument itself.

    also surprised to learn that the US conquered Australia. are you here in the US fighting to win back Australia for the Australians? And would that be for the white Australians or the aborigines?

  4. I said overthrown not invaded, there's a difference - but i guess the subtlety is lost on you.

    Go google CIA+Whitlam and you might learn something bah bah.